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Entrance examination to Gdańsk

The entrance examination to Gdańsk Medical University will be online and consist of written part and individual interview.
Written part of entrance examination

It will be several dates for the written part from May until the end of July. Choose your date and inform
Dr. Jedlinska about it. You will be provided with the manual for the entrance examination. A few days before the exam you will receive by an email invitation from university containing time of the exam and individual meeting ID and password.

Candidates will sit an entrance examination consisting of 30 multiple choice questions in each of Biology and Chemistry. In Biology 50% of questions concern Cell Biology and Genetics and 50% Human Biology. You will have 4 answers to each question one of which is a correct answer. You can get 60 points from your exam. There are no negative points if you fail to answer correctly. The exam is in English language and will take 1.5 hour.

The score obtained in this written examination, together with the scores obtained from your grades will be taken into account in the decision to grant you admission.

University will score following combinations of marks:

Combination, which gives you the highest points, will finally be taken into account. Please, be aware that biology and chemistry 1 and 2 are obligatory to have, physics and mathematics are not. This means that not everybody will have all three combinations.
You can get a maximum of 60 points from your grades (if you have an A in all four courses taken into account), which means that you can obtain a total of 120 points. As candidates from different countries, schools and programs have very different mark scales; the university has a computer program to convert the marks into points in a fair way. You must have minimum 91 points to be accepted for medical study.

Oral part of entrance examination

All candidates must have an interview. Estimated time for interview is 20 min for candidate. During the interview the candidates will be questioned on their knowledge of Human Biology.
It is strongly advised to prepare for this examination. It is sufficient to prepare from your high school textbooks but you need to be thorough in your study. Read Topics for Interview
 and use it not only to prepare for the interview but also to written examination.

If you do not succeed in your exam you are welcome to sit a second entrance examination without extra charge.

Candidates graduated from IB-program: Candidates with Biology and Chemistry on HL do not need to take a written entrance exam however an admission interview is mandatory. Please note that candidates with low final marks or low predicted grades can choose to take the written exam in order to increase their chances of being admitted.
The best results (either from final marks on IB Diploma or from entrance exam) will be taken into account. Candidates with high predicted grades can also take part in entrance examination, as the final grades on IB Diploma are often lower than predicted grades.
Candidates with SL in one or two subjects are obliged to undergo written part of entrance examination.

Example questions for the entrance exam are
on: https://admission.mug.edu.pl/38950.html

Topics for interview to Gdańsk are
on: https://admission.mug.edu.pl/38950.html

Photos from the Entrance Examination